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Welcome to Gaea

What is Gaea

Gaea, or Mother Earth, was the great goddess of the early Greeks. She represented the Earth and was worshipped as the universal mother.

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Our Vision

Gaea will be a community for everyone involved in the agriculture industry. Our courses and training will allow the community to give back.

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Our Mission

To provide anyone that wants to enter the agricultural industry with the opportunity to learn and to build a network as fast as possible.

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BEWARE: 'Stolen sheep headed to KZN for mass celebrations'

Sheep farmers in the Free State, North West, and Mpumalanga have been warned of a dramatic increase in stock theft, mainly due to 'orders' placed from KwaZulu-Natal.

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Feathers fly as Competition Commission rejects merger for SA's biggest ostrich firms

Two of the largest companies in the ostrich industry are heading to the Competition Tribunal in a bid to have a decision by the Competition Commission – to prohibit their merger – overturned.

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We need a social pact to secure the farming industry

Social pacts in agriculture, energy and mining, between business, labour and communities, will be crucial to lift market confidence, growth levels and industrial peace, writes William Gumede.

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